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1. Paintings

I remember when I was around nine years old, I was watching the changing of faces and movements of human bodies and these observations incited me to start drawing these images. I started drawing with pencil. My subjects were people in the streets, for example, women with shopping bags. I also remember, my first memories of drawing were of a pub owner called Mr Ruttner in VorosmartyStreet who was always standing at his doorway and he was quite an interesting character, so I started drawing him. I liked the coloured pencils that I...

2. Festészet

Emlékszem, amikor kb. 9 éves lehettem, figyeltem az emberi alakok, arcok változásait, mozgásokat, és ez a megfigyelés ihletett arra hogy ezen vizuális "látványokat" lerajzoljam. A rajzolásaimat ceruzával kezdtem, témáim, az utca emberei voltak, például a bevásárló nők a szatyorral, vagy emlékszem arra, hogy az első rajzokkal kapcsolatos élmények az voltak, hogy a Vörösmarty utcában a Ruttner kocsmáros &aa...

100 years

Doctor, how can I live longer than 100 years?

                 Do you smoke?

              Do you eat too much?

             Do you go to bed late?

Do you have affairs with promiscuous women?

Then why would you want to live more than 100 years?