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FAA and JAA: FAAis the Federal Aviation Administration. As the Civil Aviation Authority of the USA, it is responsible for establishing aviation regulations in the US. These are known as FARs (Federal Aviation Regulations). In addition to its regulatory role, the FAA is also responsible for Airspace and Air Traffic Management, maintenance of Air Navigation Facilities infrastructure and has an active role in Research and Development of aviation related systems and technologies. JAAwere the Joint Aviation Authorities, a co-operation of most European (E...

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FAA és JAA: Az utasszállító repülőgépekre vonatkozó szabályozást az FAA (Federal Aviation Administration, az amerikai légügyi hatóság, melyet 1958-ban alapították )és a JAA ( Joint Aviation Authorities, az európai légügyi hatóság, melyet 1970-ben alapítottak )határozza meg, lefektetve, hogy az utasszállításra használandó repülőgépeknek milyen elvár...

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UTC – The World’s Time Standard: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the basis for civil time today. This 24-hour time standard is kept using highly precise atomic clocks combined with the Earth's rotation. UTC is the time standard commonly used across the world. The world's timing centers have agreed to keep their time scales closely synchronized - or coordinated - therefore the name Coordinated Universal Time. Two components are used to determine UTC: -International Atomic Time (TAI): A time scale t...

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Cabin depressurisation: Sudden and rapid depressurisation of the aircraft cabin as a result of structural failure, pressurisation system failure, or deliberate act of the crew. Air pressure reduces with increase in altitude and therefore the amount of oxygen in any given volume of air also reduces with increase in altitude. Furthermore, the reduction in pressure impedes the ability of oxygen to pass across lung tissues and into the human bloodstream. The condition whereby the concentration of useful oxygen in the bloodstream is reduced because of a decrease ...

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Magical Windows ( Boeing's 787, Dreamliner ), Varázslatos utastér ablakok: Aki valaha is ült repülőgépen, tapasztalta, hogy a repülőgép ablaki viszonylag kicsik és olyan furcsa alakúak. Azonban a Boeing repülőgép gyár legújabb repülőgépének a 787 Dreamliner típusnak az ablakai az eddig megszokottnál jóval nagyobb méretűek. De hogyan is csinálja ezt a Boeing. Erre a választ az alábbi videó megadja:  ...


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